Saturday, March 28, 2009


I haven't been up to much lately--but I have been spending some quality time with a special someone! Brody is getting so big! I can't believe how fast he is growing. I honestly some days think he is going to skip crawling and just start walking! I can't wait until we get to go on play dates to all the food play areas! Don't get me wrong, we will have lots of fun...I will just be the crazy lady chasing her nephew with hand sanitizer and spraying Lysol on everything before he touches it! Ahh the fun we will have! Those days will be here before we know it! Anyway....he seriously is the sweetest, most lovable baby boy....I know-I am not partial at all!
He found himself in the mirror!

Look at those long legs...and cute shoes!

Reading Business his sleep!

Brody and Big Daddy

Brody and GiGi

Brody takes eating VERY seriously!

Sweet little boy!

One last thing...I am ready for SPRING. Today's forecast...SNOW. I am very thankful for weather and all that it does, but is MARCH. Enough said!
I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Boy!

We celebrated Josh's Birthday last night at our house! We had lots of fun! My dad made steaks (watch out Ruth's Chris) and my mom baked some potatoes it was all sooo delicious! Then of course we had our super good and super cute cake from Rick's Bakery!

Josh likes motorcycles and since I give him a hard time about the danger involved with riding motorcycles we thought we would get him one for his birthday.....on his cake!

Make a wish!

Birthday boy and Jenn!

the sweet little man and his mommy and daddy!

Poor Josh, I thought I had a solid blue bag at home but all I had was a pink one or this one! He was very proud of his gift bag!

Mom and her girls!

Best Buddies!

Birthday Boy and me!

Happy Birthday Josh, we love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Get your brackets's tourney time!

I absolutely LOVE March Madness! I get very competitive when it comes to brackets...I mean VERY! I normally participate in a few pools and talk a little smack during it! I love the whole bracket thing because it is the only time I can beat the boys! I was never good at sports (my lovely sister got that gene!) but one sport I can do is the sport of bracketering!

Here is my final four...Louisville and Memphis, Pittsburgh and North Carolina! I pick Louisville to be the National Champions! Go Cardinals!

So, do any of you fill a bracket out? Who do you have picked to win?

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sorry, I am a SLACKER!

No, I did not give up blogging for Lent! I am so sorry it has been so long since I have updated! My strike is over and I have LOTS of catching up to do!

I decided to start with Big Daddy and Brody. They are as alike as two peas in a pod. Brody looks like my dad.....sometimes it is scary how much they favor! I bet Brody looks at him and thinks to himself "hey, that guy looks like me!" My dad has been surrounded by very girly-girls for the last 24 years so needless to say he deserved a grandson! Brody already has my dad wrapped around his finger! I think they will great buddies, and will learn a lot from each other! I can't wait to see all the fun they will have together from playing football to hanging out in the "man cave!" I am sure they will make lots of good memories together!

We kept Brody the other night and like most nights my dad was studying(he is getting his MBA from the U of A....which by the way I happen to be very proud of him for doing that!) so he got Brody and sat him on the table so he could help Big Daddy study! The sight of them two looking at a Microeconomics book together was hilarious! Brody even did a little typing while he was helping him study!
learning a lot about Micro!

WARNING: Mute your sound! I can't stand to hear myself talk! But it is such a sweet video of Brody trying his best to type that I had to post it! For some reason I can't move the video over!

Brody loves to fly!

Having fun playing with Big Daddy on the floor!

Look at that sweet face, I could just eat him up!

Okay, so I promise to update soon and very soon! Have a great weekend!